Smart Cities
Monitoring of infrastructures, noise, lights, waste, among others.
Smartphone Detection
Allows to detect any mobile device supporting Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (iPhone, Android, etc.)
Electromagnetic Levels
Measurement of energy emitted by telecom antennas and Wi-Fi routers
Noise Urban Maps
Monitoring of noise in evening entertainment areas and historical areas in real time
Smart Lighting
Intelligent lights that adapt to changing weather
Smart Roads
Intelligent roads with warning messages and deviations according to weather conditions and unexpected events such as accidents or congestion
Smart Parking
Monitor vacant parking spaces in the city
Traffic Congestion
Monitoring of vehicle and pedestrian levels in order to improve driving and pedestrian routes
Waste Management
Detection of waste levels in containers in order to optimize waste collection services 
Structural Health
Monitoring vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and monuments
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