Quality Policy
SENSOREX undertakes to provide building efficiency and preservation solutions, by acting under the principle of the continuous improvement of your implemented management system, involving all employees and complying with the following main requirements:
> Satisfying our client’s needs by meeting their expectations, promoting their loyalty by interpreting their fears in a correct way and by encouraging a spirit of mutual trust; 

> Consolidating the company’s competition strategy via notoriety, sustained growth of business volume and its profitability; 

> Protecting the environment via energy efficiency and occupational safety and hygiene, therefore avoiding accidents and improving methods; 

> Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements; 

> Planning the allocation of means and providing the adequate resources for each situation; 

> Privileging team work and ensuring the understanding of the policy and goals, in order to support quality culture within the company.

The Top Management is committed to demand excellence from this company, by getting it right at the first attempt, in the spirit of capitalization of knowledge and continuous improvement.
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