Sensorex wireless sensor network
Control “your” world
As stated by Peter Drucker "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it". That’s the spirit of performance indicators – to measure what’s being performed in order to manage it in a suitable way aiming at accomplishing the proposed targets.

The iSensorex system guarantees a continuous, reliable, easy and economic monitoring for your building. It automatically collects information in an organized way, making it available online and liable to be exported, saving time and costs. This system allows to setup e-mail alerts that inform you immediately whenever there are deviations, therefore preventing expensive costs. 

This system is a key element for managing your business, as it measures environment and equipment performance, as per pre-set and bespoke parameters, therefore optimizing resources.

Our solutions were designed for easy installation and use aiming at being accessible to those who intend to remotely monitor information and activities on several variables (temperature, movement, vibration, ect.)

How it works
More than 50 types of wireless sensors available
Wireless Sensors
There are three types of Gateway available: Ethernet, Cellular and USB
Have permanent access, everywhere. Get notifications and alerts.
iSensorex System
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