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Technological advances are part of human evolution and cannot be dissociated from the latter, however, in the last decades, these advances became so significant that keeping-up with the increasing development has become a difficult task. 

SENSOREX specializes in wireless sensor solutions aimed at commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Their goal is to allow an easy, affordable monitoring consisting in information gathered in a frequent and organized way, followed by a systematic analysis of such information. Our solutions are a key element to management, because they systematically measure achievements and results obtained and compare them with the established targets, therefore contributing to guaranteeing the continuous monitoring of performed work and enabling the adoption of measures to remedy recorded deviations. 

Likewise, both future planning and project development will be improved whenever they incorporate all lessons learned from previous experiences and based on the analysis of data and information collected by this system. SENSOREX stands out, not only due to its operation area, but also by its evident development and innovation.
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